“Crazy” as Vulgar Comedy

As a genre “Crazy” is one of the best examples of Vulgar Comedy. It has all the frenzy, the vigor, and the mad ideas it needs, but there is also room for romanticism and historical, social or political references.
It is easy to see how it is sprung from the carnival and the festive rites with its lack of logic and common sense. It is the carnivalistic up-side-down-world where everything is allowed and everyone has a place, a chaotic exception from ordinary life where order is given a rest.

As an example I think HELLZAPOPPIN is one of the best movies ever made in the genre. It was a Broadway show that made it to the movies in 1941, with the two almost forgotten comedians Olsen and Johnson.

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3 Responses to “Crazy” as Vulgar Comedy

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  2. Yes Wille
    You are really there. You guys are as much modern Vulgar Comedy as it can be. The kind of stuff you do could work as an perfect exemple. I’ll put up a link so that everyone can see.

  3. Hi Micke!

    Cool Blog/homepage/wordpress or whatever we shall call it!

    Lately I have been thinking alot about our show/concept the Burnt Out punks as a modern form of Commedia d´ell Arte and Vulgar Comedy. We play in large squares. With a non paying audience.Using spectacular tricks to say something about society of today. With crazy characters in open air acting style.

    We are somewhere between ”fine culture” and commercial culture. We don´t feel we really belong to any of them. People love us and we have hyper loyal fans but we are to rude/loud/crazy to be an obvious choice for booking.

    Hmmmm…just a reflection!


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