Lust in Vulgar Comedy

I would say that lust is the most important component in Vulgar Comedy and that it is what combines all genres that it includes. As I have stated before, it was lust – the lust for telling stories, for playing with the audience, for being seen and heard etc. – that gave birth to theatre itself (See HERE).

Maybe it is not the satire, the immorality or the anarchic, uncontrollable chaos of Vulgar Comedy, which scared the rulers, the church and the hypocrites of the Official Theatre – but the lust.
The force of lust may be much more frightening for anyone who wants to control the people since it does not even fight back when attacked. Instead it finds ways around its censors or repressors or simply ignores them.
Lust has no morals and doesn’t take sides. It just goes where it is the most fertile land to sow. It is the seed to creativity, to invention, to art if you will. But lust never obeys the power; never submit to dogmas or doctrines; it cannot follow hierarchies or try to make a career. Therefore it is, and must be, free from boundaries in order to give fruit.
It is no wonder that Vulgar Comedy has been looked down upon by the ruling classes through the years.

Coming out from a show of the Official Theatre, whether comedy or tragedy, one can often hear things like: -“I was so good but, I didn’t understand the performance. I am probably not clever enough for the show”.
This never happens to Vulgar Comedy. Since Vulgar Comedy is built on lust, the audiences either laugh and are having a good time or not. If not it is simply because it is bad comedy.
The audiences of Vulgar Comedy are part of the show. They share the lust. If the lust is not mutual between actors and audience it doesn’t work. Vulgar Comedy is always with its audience not for its audience.

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