Mime as a discipline in Commedia dell’Arte


All disciplines are not equally easy to use in Commedia dell’Arte. As an example on a problematic discipline we can look at mime or rather mimed objects. All objects on stage should be real. If we start to mime object on stage we also start to experiment with different acting styles at the same time. That may very well start a chaos in the audience since the style of Commedia dell’Arte is so expressive, so fast, so big and the style is also very often new to the audience how are fully occupied getting in to the style. It is an unnecessary difficulty for the audience to keep track of mimed objects as well.
Off course there are lots of exceptions, like when a mask is imagining or fantasize an object; or when a an object is too small to see like “Arlecchino and the fly”; or when something is not happening here and now on stage; or using gestures to show what he does or have in front of him.


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