Pantalone and Dottore makes a deal

Here is a scene From ”Where is the Book opened in 2014 in Stockholm, then toured Finland and the north of Sweden.

It was decided that Pantalones son Flavio should marry Doralice, but then Pantalone laid his own eyes on her…

Pant:         Well, you and me, we like each other and so…

Dott:          Admittedly …

Pant:         Then we can talk openly. It is about the wedding.

Dott:          What about it?

Pant:         I thought… Just a tiny, little change…

Dott:          What?

Pant:         I mean: why is it precisely Flavio that shall marry?

Dott:          Who else?

Pant:         Let me explain this way. We have know each other for quite some time now?

Dott:          Yes…

Pant:         So, when we marry…

Dott:          We?????!!!!!

Pant:         Well the actual wedding night…

Dott:          Stopp! Stopp!! Stopp!!! Take it easy! Cool the screws! Rest the cymbals! I just say: Forget it! It will not happen!

Pant:         Why not?

Dott:          Well … I am flattered, but … There is nothing wrong with you… It is me… You are not my type.

Pant:         That doesn’t matter?

Dott:          It does – for me anyway.

Pant:         Listen up: when I marry Doralice …

Dott:          Doralice?

Pant:         Off Course.

Dott:          Aha! Then I understand! Well, I guess it doesn’t matter whoever marries her as long as she gets out of the house …
But, tell me: Have you thought about the… age difference?

Pant:         No, why?

Dott:          It is rather large, so to speak.

Pant:         Ah, she will grow away from that. …and in the meantime I can find a new.

Dott:          Well, in that case. Then you will marry instead. As long as there will be a great wedding  party.

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