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2006 – Jag drömmer – alltså dör jag (I Dream – Therefore I Die)

This show is from 2006 it is a collage improvisations, dreams, choreographies  and of texts from Pär Lagerkvist, Jean-Paul Sartre, Tom Lehrer, Michail Bulgakov, August Strindberg among others. I guess it is called devising nowadays… Click here to read more about Jag … Read the rest of this entry

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Gamla Testamentet (The Old Testament)

Click here to see a TRAILER The Bible is a fantastic book for theatre. It narrates exactly what happens in its stories, but never how it happens. In that way the Bible is very open for different interpretations. One just … Read the rest of this entry

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The togetherness of the Commedia dell’Arte masks

The mask of Commedia dell’Arte simply cannot work alone for any stretch of time. I have already talked about how the masks of Commedia dell’Arte represent different aspects of the human inner life, as opposed to the clown who contains … Read the rest of this entry

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