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The destruction or dethronement of the old man in Commedia dell’Arte

It is about annihilation of authorities. It is easy to find its way back to the King of Carnival and the sacrificing of him, the struggle between Lent and the King of Carnival, even the Feast of Fools with its … Read the rest of this entry

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Micke’s Commedia dell’Arte-workshop

Commedia dell’Arte is what I first of all have specialized in through the years. The mad energy of the masks; the searching in the 16:th century world of theatre; lazzi and pranks; acrobatics, the music; the theatre of the actors – all … Read the rest of this entry

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Oratio på Pottan (Oratio on the Chamberpot)

Opened 13/9-1996 Script and Directing – Micke Klingvall Pantalone, Oratio(until.13/9-96) – Johan Starck-Stormdal Isabella – Anna Svensson Columbina – Micaela Gustafsson Arlecchino, Flaminia – Ulrika Carlsson Capitano, Coviello, Dottore – Mikke Schirén Oratio (from 10/10-96) – Elias Wåhlund Fencing master – Lena Lövdahl Costume – Anna … Read the rest of this entry

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