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Commedia Erudita (part 1)

As we know the word renaissance comes from French (and the historian and author Jules Michelets in 1855) and means rebirth, referring to principles from ancient Greece and Rome. That goes for the theatre as well, as an important part … Read the rest of this entry

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Music as a discipline in Commedia dell’Arte

The music is off course the most central of all disciplines in Commedia dell’Arte. It is there to heighten the performance and it helps up the atmosphere of feast that is so characteristic in Commedia dell’Arte. I the very first … Read the rest of this entry

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Disciplines in Commedia dell’Arte

Commedia dell’Arte is sprung from a time long before circus and theatre were divided as separate genres, when all sorts of stage disciplines could be played on the same stage without one having to be better or more refined than … Read the rest of this entry

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Sound and sound effects

Commedia dell’Arte can very well be played without words, but never without sound, not even for a short moment. That is because it is street theatre. Sound has the ability to draw attention to it. I usually do an experiment … Read the rest of this entry

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Physical Theatre in Vulgar Comedy

It is not just because Vulgar Comedy originally played for an audience that could not read that most of it is based on a physical, visual theatre. It has more to do about effectiveness in the storytelling. Just like in … Read the rest of this entry

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