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The Street as Venue (Part 2)

When it comes to Commedia dell’Arte and other masked theatre that are using entrées and sorties we need a backdrop. We don’t want the actors to vanish away in a distance. Since it is easy for the wind to make … Read the rest of this entry

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Acrobatics as a discipline in Commedia dell’Arte

Acrobatics and slapstick (together with the music) may be the most used discipline in Commedia dell’Arte. They work with symmetries, physical turns or physically exaggerated reactions or positions. Acrobatics is a way to stylize and it is used, just as … Read the rest of this entry

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Pirater (Pirates)

Directing & Text – Micke Klingvall Linnea Ytterlid – The Captain Mattias Kolberg Eriksen – Esmeralda Andrea Boeryd – Rollo Pål Mollan – Ragnhild Rut Emilia Millan Björk – Klimpen Rosanne Hatab – Olle Amanda Jalmberger – William Havskrabba Veronica … Read the rest of this entry

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Workshop in stage acrobatics

With the right timing, the right ”entrance” and the right feeling for what is told, a simple somersault can be just  as efficient as a double salto in a performance or in a narrative situation. We work above all to … Read the rest of this entry

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