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The church censoring Commedia dell’Arte (2 of 2)

The defense of Commedia dell’Arte was foremost the idea that it was an edifying source of moral learning both social and on a personal level, instead of attracting to sin. It exposed the folly, the gluttony, the excesses, the hypocrites … Read the rest of this entry

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Carnival and the popular feast (Part 4 – From the May feast to comedy)

The carnival was the only one of the festivals that followed such a strict standard scenario all over Europe. There were also other main characters in the festivities, such as King of Fools, Re de Maggio, Verde Giorio even Robin … Read the rest of this entry

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2007 – Bombafu

The last Commedia dell’Arte show from 2007, before the Theatre Studio was put to rest. But it went to sleep with a glorious opening on the main stage in Piazza San Marco at the Carnival in Venice then played in Rome. … Read the rest of this entry

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