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2011 – Den Fredlöse (The Outlaw)

The play, that was one of August Strindberg’s early works and takes place in Iceland in the beginning of the twelfth century, was the final production of the students from Kulturama’s second year education in physical theatre. It opened 14 april … Read the rest of this entry

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Project ”Vanes”

Micke Klingvall – Coordinator/director Anna Svensson – Actress Mikke Schirén – Actor Micaela Gustavsson – Actress Majken Lindqvist – Actress Elin Karlsson – Actress Carolina Jareñjo – Actress Johanna Hövenmark – Actress Fredrik Schirén – Actor Niklas Sternberg – Actor   This was a project in … Read the rest of this entry

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Vulgar Comedy and its origins in Scandinavia (Part 4)

While the Danish Vikings went to England and France to raid and concur and the Norwegian Vikings colonized Iceland, Greenland and North America, the Swedes went east to make business, to form Russia and took jobs as in the Varangian … Read the rest of this entry

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