The wooing and sexual union between youth in Commedia dell’Arte

This may be the most important element for building scenarios, at least later scenarios. We are talking about the plays that basically deal with one or more pairs of Innamorati that, after going through obstacles, win each other and marry. When the wooing is part of the scenario it is almost always central, together with the jealousy and misunderstandings that comes with it.

Here it is equally easy to find the way back to Vulgar Comedy and popular rituals and above all the Mayfeast. They were originally feasts meant for the youngsters in the different villages to meet, revel and hopefully get married, to avoid inbreeding.
The ritual usually is about how fathers are fooled not to watch over their daughters, helping the young lovers to meet. Also here we can see how the old man gets dethroned in a way, but here this is not central.


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