Vulgar Comedy and monarchy

Thinking about nobilities, they are fun. Kings and queens are just the same kind of outsiders as usual clowns who looks at the world and doesn’t understand it, with the exception that nobilities are looking at the world from above.
Here is a list of similarities between royal and common buffoons:

  • They see and comment the world from an outsider perspective – their own quite deranged angle – and therefore have difficulties in understanding common people.
  • The laws of their countries doesn’t apply on them, neither – as we have seen i quite a few countries – does morals. They follow only their own fancies.
  • They also willingly dress in  ridiculous, anachronistic and exaggerated garmented costumes.
  • They are shown in order to amuse and entertain their audiences.
  • They build their career on one and the same character in all their shows and performances.
  • They mess up solid every so often and usually they make it worse when they try to straighten out the situation (at least in Sweden).
  • They awake our maternal and paternal feelings as they screw up and therefore most of the times are forgiven.
  • They are not ”real people”. Like clowns they are symbols who, in this case, represent authority.

They are in many ways a part of Vulgar Comedy nowadays in countries where they are no longer are in power. I would not go as far as compare them to the Carnival king who really has the power to turn everything up-side-down and who are elected by the participants.


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