Last rehearsal before the break

So today we are done with the last rehearsal of Gudomliga Ord (Divine Words) before the spring break. Next rehearsal week will be the last rehearsal week before the opening.
Among eight actors two where ill with fever and the rest where all exhausted after some really hard work.
As they are students their job is not just to rehears the show. They also have to sell, promote, make props, costumes and scenery except from the fact that they have their other lessons like theatre theory, voice and this Wednesday they had a heavy devising show about child abuse. They are really working like heroes, for good and bad.


I really wish them a great spring break with no pressure. I am also pretty sure that they will digest the rehearsals and come up with even more amazing work when they come back.
But I can’t help myself from wondering what it really is that is happening in the brain, or wherever it takes place, when we say we digest something we are working on or just let it be for a while or sleep on it.
Obviously something is working within us. My experience says that almost always after a break students come back doing better results. And it is not just that they are rested when they are coming back or that they have spent time thinking about the process. Something has ripened. It is like they have gotten a deeper understanding of exercises or scenes.

Myself – I am of to Berlin.

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