Pulcinella explain to Coviello

Here is an example dialog between Pulcinella and Coviello from ”Squabble” I show I made in 2020 for Cultimedia.

Pul:     In In Come on now you sluggish sack of flour!

Cov:   In Here am I… quick as a flash!

Pul:     Wouldn’t think so…

Cov:   Not?

Pul:     No! Well, do you know why we are here?

Cov:   Ohh yes!

Pul:     So why?

Cov:   Eeehhhh…..

Pul:     Idiot!

Cov:   Coviello, how do you do.

Pul:     You are an idiot!

Cov:   And you are Coviello?

Pul:     No! You are Coviello, dumbass!

Cov:   Aha! Hello, Dumbass.

Pul:     What in all fu… You are a dumbass!!!

Cov:   Who are Coviello then?

Pul:     It is you!!!

Cov:   Help! I have become schizophrenic.

Pul:     I give up. You can be whoever you want to. Listen now…. 

Coviello acts as if he is someone else, someone famous or someone local

            What are you doing?
Cov:   I am _____________and I am doing _____________.

Pul:     You are not and you are not doing that!!! You are Coviello and now you listen.

Cov:   Do I? To what?

Pul:     To me!

Cov:   Aha.

Pul:     We have come here to look for work. Do you understand?

Cov:   Yes.

Pul:     Good! And now we will go look for an employer. Do you understand that?

Cov:   Yes.

Pul:     Good! There we will explain how strong and loyal you are. Have you understood that to?

Cov:   Yes.

Pul:     Good! Then you will work hard the whole week. Is that clear?

Cov:   Yes.

Pul:     Good. Then you just have to come here to me with the money you made. Heve you got that to

Cov:   No.

Pul:     But is so hard to understand? We are here to look for work. We shall look up an employer and tell him how strong you are, then  you will work until you get a salary that you will give to me!

Cov:   Aha!

Pul:     Do you understand?

Cov:   No-o!

Pul:     But you dubble idiot to a phlegmatic  birdbrain… You! You! You…

Cov:   Are you angry?

Pul:     Not at all, just a little, little teeny weeny bit irritated!!!!

            Ad lib the rest of the scene until Coviello finally gets it.

Note that the Coviello is here more of a Stupino as invented by Gina Bastoni at Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake, California. It is just that I don’t want to rename him for some reason.

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