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Acrobatics as a discipline in Commedia dell’Arte

Acrobatics and slapstick (together with the music) may be the most used discipline in Commedia dell’Arte. They work with symmetries, physical turns or physically exaggerated reactions or positions. Acrobatics is a way to stylize and it is used, just as … Read the rest of this entry

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Disciplines in Commedia dell’Arte

Commedia dell’Arte is sprung from a time long before circus and theatre were divided as separate genres, when all sorts of stage disciplines could be played on the same stage without one having to be better or more refined than … Read the rest of this entry

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2002 – Gamla Testamentet (The Old Testament)

This show was played by the first year students at the Theatrestudio in 2002. It was built from stories from the Old Testament. The main reason was for that choice was that we had only girls in the ensemble… Click … Read the rest of this entry

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European Polytheatre

This EUROPEAN POLYTHEATRE PROJECT is about workshops. We are five theatre groups from different places In Europe (Machina Drama Group from Greece, MTM mimoteatromovimento from Italy, Transversal Theatre from Netherlands, Kompani Komedi from Sweden and Les Amis de la Salle paroissiale … Read the rest of this entry

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Physical Theatre in Vulgar Comedy

It is not just because Vulgar Comedy originally played for an audience that could not read that most of it is based on a physical, visual theatre. It has more to do about effectiveness in the storytelling. Just like in … Read the rest of this entry

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