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Vulgar Comedy and the Church (Part 3 – the Corpus Christi and the forming of comedy companies)

One example of how the theatre was used by the church was in the nativity scene. The first one was shown in 1223 by Francisco of Assisi. From the first puppets where used but soon the roles were played by … Read the rest of this entry

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2013 – Salome

This was the fall production of the second year students at Kulturamas physical theatre, opened 29/11-2013. Click here to read more about Salome. Tweet

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2002 – Gamla Testamentet (The Old Testament)

This show was played by the first year students at the Theatrestudio in 2002. It was built from stories from the Old Testament. The main reason was for that choice was that we had only girls in the ensemble… Click … Read the rest of this entry

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Gamla Testamentet (The Old Testament)

Click here to see a TRAILER The Bible is a fantastic book for theatre. It narrates exactly what happens in its stories, but never how it happens. In that way the Bible is very open for different interpretations. One just … Read the rest of this entry

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