About Micke’s Workshops and lectures

I have made a sort of specification of the workshops and lectures I teach. Not that this is all the workshops that I tech or that they are as static as they look.
All workshops are more or less individualized and can be adapted for each group and their wishes. It is also possible to combine different workshops. There is no specific length for them. They can take anything from a few hours to days or weeks. That is up to each group or organizer.

Down below I have tried to explain what every workshop contains to give a clearer picture of what I teach. Just click the Headlines to read more about each workshop:



The base of this workshop comes from the unique training methods of the Theatrestudio, a training where we aim to reach the inside of the actor, his expression and imagination through his body and his voice. Each participant can learn a form of training which they later can use either in the group or in other contexts.



All theatre is based on the actors sensual and physical presence. With the foundation in the Theatrestudio training we are working with a form of theatre that has its expression in the body and the voice of the actor. The object is to find the immediate connection between the actor’s bodies, voices and inner life that reaches straight out to the spectators without passing through literature or psychology.



The classical old masks, the precise technique and the crazy energy are the starting points when we work with Commedia dell’Arte, we also learn some theory in order to put things in to perspective. We are looking for the kind of humor that is built on direct response and large bodily impulses instead of clever ideas.



This is a lecture that I have held since at least 1993. Through the years it has taken anything from 45 minutes up to two days.  We go through the origins and the beginning of the Commedia dell’Arte, a little specific history from the Renaissance, the form now and then, the masks, a few concepts and terms, a little about the great troupes from its time etc.



In this workshop we are working with different easier acrobatically actions in order to put them in a theatrical context. Focus is on the theatrical – how to narrate using acrobatics or how it works as a surprise. We also build up an acrobatic imagination.



Full or half mask; character, Commedia dell’Arte or neutral mask; we can work with different kinds of masks. We start from the beginning and make masks of plaster and castings from the participant’s faces or go straight to the masks we will use.

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