Workshop in Physical Theatre


This workshop can either be seen as a continuation to the one in Physical Theatre training or function as a detached workshop. Both are based on the Theatrestudio training, but this workshop use the ideas from the training as its take-off for the actual work.
This workshop is much based on the needs of the group. It can be about working together as a team, to help a group in its performance work or to solve specific problems. Most the workshop is about getting a deeper insight in the work in physical theatre.


Since this workshop is adapted after the wishes of the participants it is hard to say exactly what it contains. But one of the focuses of the workshop is group dynamics, where we work to physically support each other; another focus is the physical narrative where the directness between expression and feeling is put in center. I also want to help the actors individually to be free from blocks and resistances it their creativity.

The workshop can also be about more concrete things like to find a richer body language, to work with mask or other character work or to integrate different disciplines, like stage combat or slapstick, choreography or acrobatics in a performance. Often it is a combination.


The goal could be either to come in to supplement or to help with a specific problem in a performance, or just to help the participants to a deeper understanding of physical theatre, it’s expression and exercise.

If you are interested in this workshop click HERE.

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