Brighella gets paid

This example comes from ”Where´s the Book?” from 2014.
Dottore is looking for his book that he needs to remember how to marry his daughter with Pantalone. When Brighella comes by he asks for help…

Dott:          …and not here either. Brighella enters and Dottore sees him. But what is this? An antagonist?
Bunce away Brighella with his stomach. Oh, but see… It is Brighella. Why are you lying here, littering the stage, you green sop?
Well, I got an idea! Come here you snoopy half lizard! I have a bright proposition to you my highly esteemed friend.
Turns. You shall nose out my book, my ”Presiding Official at Marriage for Dummies”, that just has been removed from my instantaneous physical  approximation. Understood?
Turns. It is big, black and of colossal importance Comprehend? Turns. It is needed when one marries away people. Get it!
Turns This publication shell be returned to my most eminent person.

Bri:             I shall find your book, that is?

Dott:          Right.

Bri:             …and what do I get for it?

Dott:          Fame and honor.

Bri:             I think I would like something else…

Dott:          My eternal gratitude

Bri:             How about something more material…

Dott:          An ice-cream?

Bri:             …something from this? Points at his purse

Dott:          Aha! You want a bit. Here you are.

Bri:             That was kind of you Dottore. Steels the bit.

Dott:          Oh yes, just look at it … What? The bit is stolen! Help! Jumps up in Brighella’s arms. Here are desperados!

Bri:             Well, take it easy, Dottore… Puts him down Trust me. I have taken a correspondence course in detectivery . I can find the bandit and the bit.

Dott:          Will you do that for me?

Bri:             For a small sum…

Dott:          Here, have a bit.

Bri:             Thank you, but what did the bit look like?

Dott:          Like this one.

Bri:             I’ll take care of it so I can identify the first one when I see it.

Dott:          Clever.

Bri:             And then I need one for proof…

Dott:          Take this one.

Bri:             And what will you give me for the labor?

Dott:          Fame and ho…

Bri:             No, no, no… but, maybe a small commission …

Dott:          Here you are.

Bri:             …an economic compensation…

Dott:          Off Course.

Bri:             …a fee…

Dott:          Please enjoy.

Bri:             … poundage …

Dott:          Now it is finished.

Bri:             Too bad. I have to go now. See you later!

Dott:          Wait! Stop! You can have more when you found the book. I have more in the bank.

Bri:             Well in that case…. Out

Dott:          Well, I guess I will have o plan the wedding menu. Let’s see goose liver pâté, shellfish plateau, maybe truffle…  Out

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