Dottore and Signora marrying away their daughter

Here is an example from ”Where´s the Book?” from 2014.

Sign:          In, singing.

Dott:          Signora, my most adorable honey-pie! Welcome up on the stage, my little crumb of cake.

Sign:          Hi to you, slouch.

Dott:          I have talked to Pantalone today.

Sign:          About my grace?

Dott:          No.

Sign:          About my beauty?

Dott:          No.

Sign:          About my loveliness?

Dott:          No.

Sign:          Talking rubbish then. So? What did you talk about?

Dott:          We were disguising our little sweet daughter Doralice.

Sign:          The teenage varmint?

Dott:          Yes… and about Pantalone’s son…

Sign:          Well, who is that?

Dott:          His name is Flavio and he is a young handsome man.

Sign:          One of those little striplings with an adorable style and charm?

Dott:          Something like that, yes.

Sign:          And a little cute butt maybe?

Dott:          Maybe that…

Sign:          A stud in in heat with a distension…

Dott:          Well, well, well, We were talking about marriage.

Sign:          Big sigh

Dott:          But what is the matter with you, my little fair sugarplum?

Sign:          It doesn’t work. There will be no marriage.

Dott:          Why not?

Sign:          I am a virtuous woman.

Dott:          Great laughter

Sign:          I am already married with you, you bookworm

Dott:          But it is Doralice how will marry.

Sign:          How come that little brat always taking the best bites…

Dott:          But just think about the wedding feast, the entertainments, the buffet, the wines, the deserts…

Sign:          Well, at least we will get rid of that gross teenage slut out of the house.   

Dott:          I thought a ceremony were I, in the capacity of the effeminate consort’s masculine parent, solemnize the plaintiffs’ claims…

Sign:          Idiot! You shall marry them together.  

Dott:          Well, then I just have to pass our condolences and take a last farewell…  

Sign:          Imbecile! They are marrying!

Dott:          Is it that important?

Sign:          Yes, it is! You will have to read from your book.

Dott:          The marriageofficial handbook  – off course!

Sign:          If you don’t get that puberty bitch out of the house immediately you will be sorry you ever was born!  Exit

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