Pulcinella tries to convince Zanni to dress up as a Isabella

A scene from “Morens Fånge” or “The Prisoner of the Moor”. That I made with Teater Teatropen in 2002.

Zan:                    Are you a little moody today? Hihihi… Pulcinella is cranky.

                             Killekille kill Pulcinella turns

                             Killekille kill Pulcinella turns

                             Hey you, are you sad?

Pul:                     Of course I am sad! You have botched my prisoner.

Zan:                    What prisoner?

Pul:                     Isabella.

Zan:                    Who is that?

Pul:                     That is the girl we have had with us the whole time.

Zan:                    We have?

Pul:                     Yes, on a leash.

Zan:                    She who walks around like this.

Pul:                     Yes.

Zan:                    And talks like this:

Leandro is a corny wet,
the most ridiculous I’ve met.
Still, I love him all the time,
as I whine and talk in rhyme.

Pul:                     Yes that’s her. Zanni I got an idea!

Zan:                    Wow, awesome!

Pul:                     You shall be Isabella.

Zan:                    Hahahaha… She is a girl!

Pul:                     Yes, but you’ll have to dress up to be…

Zan:                    Donanld Trump?

Pul:                     You’re not dumb enough.  

Zan:                    I want to dress up as someone cool.

Pul:                     You will dress up like a girl.

Zan:                    Like Michael Jackson?

Pul:                     No he doesn’t count.

Zan:                    To whom then?

Pul:                     As I said: to Isabella.

Zan:                    Why?

Pul:                     Because then I can sell you to Pantalone instead.

Zan:                    How?

Pul:                     Like this: When you’ll meet Pantalone, you show him how beautiful you are in your new dress…

Zan.                    What dress?

Pul:                     The one we will dress you up in.

Zan:                    Aha!

Pul:                     Then I tell Pantalone that he can buy you for the old price of 35 coins.

Zan.                    I see.

Pul:                     Then I make up the deal with Pantalone.

Zan:                    Ahhh!

Pul:                     And then Pantalone owns you.

Zan.                    Yes!!!

Pul:                     Do you understand?

Zan:                    No.

Pul:                     You stupid wanker… You will show yourself to Pantalone in your new dress that I will dress you up in, and when I tell him he can buy you for the old price of 35 coins he will buy you and that is that and you will be Pantalone’s property. Is that clear?

 Zan:                   No.

Pul:                     You birdbrain, you chicken shit, you….

Zan:                    Beatlehead?

Pul:                     Right.
Listen now! First I will dress you up in a lovely gown…

Zan.                    …bespangled with plumes and laces and….

Pul:                     Whatever! Then you will show yourself to Pantalone in that new dress.

 Zan:                   Why?

Pul:                     Because then he will think you are Isabella.

Zan:                    Ridiculous.

Pul:                     Yes, but then I sell you to Pantalone. And you become his.

Zan:                    But I am mine.

Pul:                     No, you will be Isabella and that is his daughter.

Zan:                    Oh Leandro, where are you now?
I will find you there somehow.

Pul:                     No, come back. We are going to sell you.

Zan:                    Yes!

Pul:                     So are you with me now?

Zan:                    No!

Pul:                     Why not?

Zan:                    I don’t want to.

Pul:                     But you little creep…

                             Pulcinella hunts Zanni – Akro lazzo

                             Zanni gets stuck upside-down on his shoulder

                             Pulcinella out

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