Pantalone demands to sit down

Here is an example from ”Sex/six failures and a chair” played by my students in 2014.

Pant:                  In But look… Hi once again! Are you still sitting here staring? Don’t you have any homes? And isn’t this that lazy bastard again? I feel as though I have been through this before… Zanni. ZANNI!!!

Zanni jumps up in In Pantalone’s arms.

Zan:                    Hi Pantalone!

Pant:                  Get away from me, you toerag!

Pantalone throws Zanni down

What have I said about sleeping on the job?

Zan:                    That it’s nice.

Pant:                  No!

Zan:                    That it’s healthy.

Pant:                  No!!

Zan:                    That it’s delectation.

Pant:                  Nooo!!! I said that if I see you once more sitting around, lazing when you should be straining and striving, I will flog you until you don’t know your own name.

Zan:                    Yes! That’s it! And then you will tear me into pieces and bang my head in and…

Pant:                  No! That was if I caught you stealing food.

Zan:                    Aha! Then you would spank me black and blue and then tickle me to death… 

Pant:                  No! That was if you were feign work.

Zan:                    It is very difficult to remember what punishment goes to which …

Pant:                  That doesn’t matter! You shall work and suffer!

Zan:                    OK! But what shall I do?

Pant:                  As I told you in the first scene: You are supposed to give me that new, super expensive chair over there, so that I can sit on it.

Zan:                    Aha!

Pant:                  So I will sit down.…

Pantalone falls

Zan:                    Here you are..

Pant:                  But your little long nosed rascal, now I am sitting on the floor!

Zan:                   Then I will sit on the chair.

Pant:                  You don’t!!! You are going to help me up.

Zan:                    OK.

Zanni helps Pantalone up on his feet

Pant:                  So, now you give me the chair …

Zan:                    Yes.

Pant:                  …and I sit down.

Pantalone falls

Zan:                    Here you are….

Pant:                  But you mush brained dickybird! Now I am sitting on the floor again!!!!

Zan:                    Are you meditating?

Pant:                  You ludicrous birdbrain!…

Zan:                    Can you feel inner peace?

Pant:                  When I get up you will feel my outer anger!!!
Help me up now!!!!

Zan:                    OK.

Zanni helps Pantalone up on his feet

Pant:                  Now I will crush your little phony bike! I will jump on your balcony! I will trash your begonias… And so on

Pantalone hits Zanni who ducks, then he chase Zanni round until Zanni gests down in order to hide. Pantalone stumbles on him and does a somersault (or os flip or roll or something) and land sitting on the chair.

Pant:                  So where were we?

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