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This blog is made by me,Micke Klingvall. It is meant to be about Commedia dell’Arte and Vulgar Comedy – obviously, but not just to explain what it is for those who are new to the forms.

My objectives with this blog is to show and spread my view on these forms of theatre and to initiate a deeper, more open discussion on the subject then what we usually find on the internet.
I would like to discuss questions like: “What happened to Vulgar Comedy on Broadway and in the commercial theatre industry?”, “What or where is the Vulgar Theatre going in this postmodern era?”,” What impact has Commedia dell’Arte had in different countries and does that still implement on the comedy of that country?” or whatever relevant questions you or I can come up with.

So I wish for your comments and discussions posted in the blog to help making it more alive.


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  1. Martine says:

    I am writer director of ’Motley’ a Copmmedia dell’Arte Company working from Bristol.Our plays are twenty five minutes of comic, stock characters with gigantic bosoms and large phalluses extracting themselves from ludicrous situations. Our outrageous performances entertasin people in clubs, festivals and streets across the country. If you would like to link up, email me, All the best Martine

  2. Terrific. I look forward to more posts.

  3. Joan Schirle says:

    Micke, thanks for doing this blog. One quick response to your question about where the Vulgar has emerged today–I think the recent Broadway hit ”The Book of Mormon” is an example of where the Vulgar has re-surfaced in the commercial theatre in the US. I don’t know if if would ever have made it to Broadway if its creators were not already famous for a TV series, but the success of ”Mormon” will lead to more like it.

  4. Dr Gorlitz says:

    Good to se something like this on the web. should this work like an info sight for facts about commedia or some kind of forum for teheater performance.

    • Thank you Doctor.
      The blog is not so much about info as, I hope, a place for discussion. I’ll keep posting facts but more as a starting point for the discussions ta take off.
      I guess I also want to lift old and new popular forms of theatre that are sprung out of the enjoyment (is this a word in English?) among common people.

  5. antoniseb says:

    I am delighted that you’ve started this blog. I’ve been a fan since seeing the Komany Kommedie video years ago.

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