About Micke’s Current Projects

Here is a little about what I am up to at the moment:

Tea11I am now rehearsing Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita. I will do that with the second year theatre class at Kulturama, in Stockholm. It will open in late February. I also teach the first year students and I will direct their final production later in May 2017.

Spex01I am also working as director with the spex “Kårhusokupationen” at Handelshögskolan in Stockholm (the Stockholm School of Economics). Spex is a very Scandinavian theatre tradition at universities from the 1850:ies. It contains music, dance and lots of audience participation.
The opening will be at the Maximteatern in late May 2016


2017 I will work with Teater 7 once again. This time we will put up a devised Commedia dell’Arte show.

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