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I will try give a little resume of my professional life on this page. But if you want to read more detailed information I suggest that you click any of these headlines, where you also can find some videos and press clips:

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As mentioned before most of my work is as director and theatre teacher. I am also artistic director for the Theatrestudio – a Swedish education in physical theatre – and Kompani Komedi – Sweden’s first Commedia dell’Arte group.
I base all my work in theatre on ”physical theatre” in general, even though I don’t really like the term itself. A lot of that is Grotowski inspired theatre, but my special interest is Commedia dell’Arte. Something that also led me in to the broad field of Vulgar Comedy itself, which is what this blog is about.

To take it from the start: I was one of those “clowns of the class” in school that were responsible for the amusement on Friday afternoons. I spent most of my time in school being part of a number of big musical projects. I took part in theatre groups and cabarets. One period I worked as a drama teacher for younger kids.
I quit school after eighth grade and started to work in an office. After working there for one year I got an.
Luckily I got saved by a acting job for Swedish national TV. It helped me on to the ”right track”. I went back to school adult school. I studied off and for 7 years. But what I really did was spending my student loans traveling around the world. But it was not until 1985 that I seriously started working in theatre.

And down here below I have made a short summary of what I have been doing since then:

  • 1985 is when I first went to drama school at Kulturama for one year.
  • 1986 I left them and started at the THEATRESTUDIO. I jumped strait in on the second year after a summer workshop in the north of Sweden.
  • 1987 I was one of the founding members of the STUDIO ENSEMBLE, after we had been playing “the Hangman” by Pär Lagerkvist at the theatre festival in Avignon that summer.
  • 19881989 I organized the Swedish theatre part of Next Stop Soviet (5000 young Scandinavians going to the Soviet union). I went with the STUDIO ENSEMBLE to Moscow and Pereslavl Zalesskiy where we worked with Teatr Tembr.
  • 1989/90 and 1992 I went to Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre in California. The second year was specialized on Commedia dell’Arte that year.
  • 19931996 I was back In Stockholm and worked fulltime as teacher at the THEATRESTUDIO where I had been working as a substitute since I left school in 1987.
  • 19932001 did I run a little studio for MASK MAKING in the very center of Stockholm.
  • 1994 I went to Antonio Fava’s “Stage Internazionale di Commedia dell´Arte” in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
  • 1995 I started up KOMPANI KOMEDI as director and artistic director, together with a few former students of mine.
  • 1996 I became artistic director for the THEATRESTUDIO which I still am.
  • 19992004 I ran, together with Lars Brinck, SALONG KATAKOMB, a theatre in the center of Stockholm.
  • 2001 was the year when I came back again on the floor as an actor in a workshop, Methodica, with Gregory Hlady.
  • 20022004 I spent the summers in the island of Gotland directing TEATER TEATROPEN and their Commedia dell’Arte-performances.
  • 2004 – 2005 I was back on stage in the play GRAND GUIGNOL – I AFTON SKRÄCK OCH SKRATT (Grand Guignol – Tonight terror and laughter) directed by Michael Fields.
  • 2007 – 2012 I also studied, Theatre science, The Art of the Actor, Entertainment Theatre, togheter 45 p, at Stockholm University, 30 p Directing in a collaboration between Västerbergs fhsk, Gävle Högskola and The Dramatic Institute. Besides that I studied Wine and Spirits at Grytthytte akademin.
  • 2008 – 2009 I was playing again, this time in ”Dostojevskijs DUBBELGÅNGAREN”, which I also directed.
  • 2012 I played the villain conductor in SILVERPILEN (the Silver Pile) at Spårvägsmuseet in Stockholm.
  • 2012 I also did i few commercials for Canal Digital, see HERE and HERE
  • 2012 – 2014 I am taking part in the EUROPEAN POLYTHEATRE PROJECTa series of workshops throughout Europe (Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Greece) where we take turns in organizing and holding workshops at each other. This has also gotten the old Kompani Komedi to wake up again.
  • 2016 – onward I am on the board for Theatre Slava, and since 2019 I am voted chairman.
  • 2018 – 2020 I helped Stacy Sacks with the performing parts in (This Untethered Buffoon or the Trickster in Everything) her PhD at STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS.

At the same time I have taught a lot of workshops and seminars, held lectures, deputized at different drama schools and been guest teacher. I have also directed various theatre groups, written and dramatized plays and performed myself in smaller context etc. Besides that I have made masks that I have sold in Sweden and in the US.

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