About Micke

I am Micke Klingvall. This is my blog.
I am a director, theatre teacher and an actor from Stockholm, Sweden. I am also artistic director and founder of Kompani Komedi, Sweden’s only theater group designated to Commedia dell’Arte and Vulgar Comedy.  Besides that I am artistic director for the Theatrestudio.
But mostly I work as freelance, when I am not leading the adult education in Physical Theatre at Kulturama in Stockholm. I give workshops, write plays and direct theatre here and there, and occasionally I also act.

My field is physical theatre in general and more specifically Commedia dell’Arte and Vulgar Comedy. And that is what this blog is about.
Since I am Swedish and not that good in English I might as well excuse me for a couple of wrong allusion and misspellings that definitely will occur. Please bear with me.

To know more about my background go to my CV.

You can also contact me at +46 (0) 736 35 18 39 or e-mail micke@klingvall.com

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