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2014 – Sexfiaskon och en stol (sex/six-failures and a chair)

This was a fall production from the second year students at Kulturama’s physical theatre program in the fall of 2014. The show played in Stockholm with three shows. Back to: Sexfiaskon och en stol  Micke’s videos Commedia dell’Arte Tweet

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Sexfiaskon och en stol (Sex/six-failures and a chair)

Text and directing – Micke Klingvall Zanni – Yosefin Bouhler Pantalone – Per Mollan Flavio – Mårten Gunnarsson Flavia – Malin Andersson Capitano – Axel Boberg Signora – Manuela Bjelke Click here to see a trailer of Sexfiaskon och en Stol. This was a fall … Read the rest of this entry

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