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A Servetta’s prolog

Tweet Here is a prolog by a Servetta from Domenico Brunis, from 1621, in my translation from Swedish. This might be one of the most used prologs today. It is one of the few saved prologs that are dramatic and … Read the rest of this entry

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Stage strategies (Part 2)

Tweet The second group of strategies he call dividing the stage: Windows are the easiest way to divide the stage. By using windows on the backdrop (as talked about in THE STAGE), where a mask can look out, we work … Read the rest of this entry

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Oratio på Pottan (Oratio on the Chamberpot)

Tweet Opened 13/9-1996 Script and Directing – Micke Klingvall Pantalone, Oratio(until.13/9-96) – Johan Starck-Stormdal Isabella – Anna Svensson Columbina – Micaela Gustafsson Arlecchino, Flaminia – Ulrika Carlsson Capitano, Coviello, Dottore – Mikke Schirén Oratio (from 10/10-96) – Elias Wåhlund Fencing master – Lena Lövdahl Costume – … Read the rest of this entry

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Women in Commedia dell’Arte (the Royal Dramatic Theatre – speech part 1)

Tweet This is the first part in a series of six from a speech I held at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm together with Inga Lewenhaupt and Björn Granat and as moderator: Lennart Grafström. It was about Commedia dell’Arte … Read the rest of this entry

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