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Dottore’s prolog

Tweet Here comes another prolog. It is a later text from Lo spirit delle maschere (The spirits of the masks) by Giueseppe Petrai written 1901. But it is a good example of a Dottore’s prolog. “Do you laugh because I … Read the rest of this entry

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A Servetta’s prolog

Tweet Here is a prolog by a Servetta from Domenico Brunis, from 1621, in my translation from Swedish. This might be one of the most used prologs today. It is one of the few saved prologs that are dramatic and … Read the rest of this entry

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Prolog or opening in Commedia dell’Arte

Tweet The introduction to a Commedia dell’Arte show in very important. It does not only have to present the different masks so that a modern audience will know them at an early stage in the show, it must also introduce … Read the rest of this entry

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