Lezione dell´Arte or ”Pantalone på friarstråt”

Opened 19/3-1998

Tralala – Carola Alfredsson
Pantalone – Johan Stormdal-Starck
Ottavio, Coviello, Dottore, Brighella, Capitano – Mikke Schirén
Isabella, Columbina, Tartaglia, Arlecchino – Micaela Gustafsson

Director – Micke Klingvall
Playwrights – Jean-Baptiste Moliére & Micke Klingvall

Costume – Gaysha – Niklas Jensen & Miki Nagata
Masks – Micke Klingvall
Set design – Carina Söe-Knudsen
Production – Alexander Borodin

“Lezione dell´Arte or Pantalone på friarstråt” was an educational play about Commedia dell´Arte. In this play you could see a funny show and learn about Commedia dell´Arte at the same time.
The performance was primarily directed towards senior high schools, folk high schools, Italian courses, theatre-associations, and others who were interested in culture, but others can also enjoy the performance. ”Lezione dell´Arte” also came with a study material and it was possible to combine the performance with workshops or a seminar in Commedia dell´Arte.

The story-line in ”Lezione dell´Arte” was built upon the play: ”the Forced Marriage” by Jean-Baptiste Molière, but it also contained scenes from considerably older sources. Some scenes was based on the ensemble’s improvisations, and a few scenes did not have a script at all.

The audience got to meet ten of the stock masks in Commedia dell´Arte, and through the performance they met different ”styles” of Commedia dell´Arte. There was also a storyteller/musician (Tralala), who guided the audience through the performance and taught about Commedia dell´Arte.

“Lezione dell´Arte” also included its own story that was very much worth seeing for its own sake. The play was about Pantalone who wished to marry a very young girl, and the way he came to regret this decision. In his effort to find help with the question he met one mask after the other.

“Lezione dell´Arte” was not planned to play in open shows. Instead it was a touring performance. In that way ”Lezione dell´Arte” could find its own audience, who was interested in workshops or study material together with the performance.

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