Touring with a great serious show

It is obvious that it is much nicer to tour a great show than a bad one whether it is comedy or tragedy. But I am still astonished every time when I am watching the show – Gudomliga Ord (Divine Words)  that we now are touring – and suddenly I realize how dead quiet and focused the audience are or when the show is over and the audience is sitting silent and still like they don’t want to start speaking again. It is happening even when I myself find that particular show lousy.
I don’t know if it has to do with my bad self-confidence or something else, but I do understand that I have to learn how to trust a show that is rolling. But I have a hard time enjoying my own serious shows for what they are. I keep looking for what could be better.


With comedy it is much easier. You get an immediate response. Either people laugh or not and if they don’t laugh it is simply not funny.
It is the same with me, watching my own shows. I comedy, especially Vulgar Comedy, I lose myself in the laughter and astonishment of what is happening on stage. Vulgar Comedy hits so hard and direct that there is no time left to analyze or be critical.
On the other hand when someone from an audience do laugh and then complain or demand more “serious laughter” (this actually happens every now and then) at least I know that they had a good time during the show. I don’t believe in laughter without joy, as long as the laughter is “from the heart”.

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